Microclima is a long-term artistic project created for the Greenhouse located in the Castello district of Venice. The Greenhouse was built in 1894 to preserve during the winter the exotic plants that were to be used for the coeval International Exhibitions of Art.
Microclima, seen as the set of particular conditions taking place in small areas,offers a wide artistic program underlining the physical, social, symbolic and cheapest viagra prices cultural aspects of the Greenhouse and its network of relationships.
Microclima looks for converging international artists tackling themes focused on the relationships among art, nature and socio-cultural implications in a place that is both a didactic and recreational centre. Conferences, workshops and performances are organized to create synergies, to encourage a direct contact with the artists and to offer people more chances to enjoy contemporary art.
Microclima is the word that summarizes the tight network of exchanges, both inside and outside the Greenhouse, among people sharing the same vision and discount pharmacy viagra consciousness of the cultural and environmental dynamics of our planet.
Microclima offers a new opportunity to experience a place that is characterized by its history and ongoing activities -from plant and flower cultivation to didactics, workshops for children, conferences, research, experimental approaches and spreading of a new concept of sociality. 
All project events will be recorded together with the corresponding material (movies, interviews, pictures, etc.) to build up the Greenhouse physical and digital archive.