Mobius is an artist-run center for experimental work in all media, presenting performance art, video and online order viagra film, sound art, dance, installation, experimental theater and multi-media works. It presents the work of the Mobius Artists Group (MAG) and other Boston, New England, national and international artists. MAG, founded by Marilyn Arsem in 1977, has gained national recognition as a leading interdisciplinary group in Massachusetts. It is a unique organisation of artists pioneering not only new forms of art, but new definitions of artistic collaboration and community. The group is interested in original, experimental work with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and audience-interaction. Mobius’s space, established in 1983, is the Boston’s oldest alternative arts space. Because the work is often new and challenging, the organisation is dedicated to making it understandable to the general public. Mobius recognize the need for community dialogue as well as presentation of art work. It is conducive to, and known for, real dialogue among artists and audiences. Since 1977, Mobius has presented work involving over 1000 artists in hundreds of events. Mobius is known for incorporating a wide range of the visual, performing, and media arts into innovative live performance, video, installation and intermedia works. Mobius has produced hundreds of original works that have attained critical acclaim in Boston, nationally and internationally. Works created at Mobius have been presented throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. The international exchange projects with artists from Macedonia, Croatia, Poland, and Taiwan have focused on site-specific and publicly-sited work. Mobius has presented work involving thousands of artists over its 30-year history and is recognized as one of the seminal alternative, artist-run organizations in the U.S.