multiplicity.lab is a research laboratory of the Department of Architecture and how to buy viagra Urban Planning of the Faculty of Architecture and Society of the Politecnico of Milan. multiplicity.lab is a space of encounter and work within the Politecnico, open to lecturers, researchers and students. multiplicity.lab plans and conducts researches, workshops, open discussions and public events. multiplicity.lab studies and proposes strategies of intervention related to contemporary urban conditions. multiplicity.lab investigates transformations of the inhabited territory through relations with its actors and the protagonists of this transformation. multiplicity.lab develops projects in collaboration with an interdisciplinary network of researchers and observers from different fields (architecture, urbanism, geography, sociology, anthropology, art, communication …). multiplicity.lab is a laboratory of educational experimentation based on a multidisciplinary approach and field work. multiplicity.lab is connected to the research agency multiplicity and coordinated by Stefano Boeri.