N.EST Napoliest


N.EST, East Naples, is a lay out on urban imagination, an artwork-generating database index-linked on a geographical grid of a real ground – the Eastern area of Naples city – at which artists are requested to inspire themselves. N.EST is a symbolical space on the net on the websites napoliest.it.N.EST is a multilayer project: by basing on two function levels, it works through art projects and viagra uk delivery involves different creativities. N.EST is either an urban critic artwork and an originator of contents and expressions, a reflection base and a contemporaries archive born for a confrontation with a space with the aim of meet it intimately: to understand and therefore to interpret/modify the space also in also in a non – digital way.N.EST is an hybrid in the middle of art, research and everyday experience; it is a talk place and develops itself as a cultural active subject: N.EST records the present and cheap viagra discount its perceptions.