NK is an artist run independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to Sound Arts.
This project entails a 5 year limited scope, our interest is not in becoming curators and where buy cialis or organizers but in taking part in the creation and support of a “culture”, with a focus on experimental music, which could be defined as unusual, strange, extreme and unique music that pushes against the boundaries or definitions of what is considered musical. To this end we organize public events that promote non-mainstream cultural production, and provide a platform for discussing paradigms in music and its problematics. As musicians working within this field we felt that there was a lack of spaces with a multi-faceted approach in Berlin. By Multifaceted we mean spaces that take into account not only the production of this kind of music but also the theoretical discourse that surrounds it. This kind of discourse takes place during workshops, artist presentations, and our weekly user meetings of Open Source Softwares such as SuperCollider and Pure Data where not only code but ideas and approaches are discussed. As a hybrid space, NK is a meeting point, that attempts to cover the gap between academic institutional spaces and the independent cultural agents of Berlin. We are open to proposals from event organizers and independent curators that fit our vision and purchase zithromax no prescription expand it.
The general layout of NK is Onsite studios and a general purpose room for rehearsals, concerts, and workshops in a 500 square meter factory floor, situated at Elsenstr 52 in the Neukolln area of Berlin.