New Media Media media center.jpg is a non-profit organisation of artists, theorists, media activist and information users. The idea to establish such an organisation derived primarily from the urgent need during the nineties. With the development of ICT, especially in the second half of 1990s, the gap between artistic practice and digital environment grew larger and larger. So it was necessary to find a means to span these two separate fields and bring the methods of working in each closer to each other. In 1998, a group of artists (mostly coming from the group Apsolutno) came to the idea of establishing a center that would function as a distributive information point for new media and digital culture in Yugoslavia. At that time the negative political impact was very strong which meant lack of any financial support. There were many difficulties in founding and especially in sustaining any kind of non-governmental support. After the political changes at the end of 2000 -when the regime of Slobodan Milosevic was replaced with DOS – the municipality of Novi Sad gave a proper space which finally allowed it to begin its activities.’s work focuses on questions concerning the influence of the electronic media on society, on the creative use of new communication technologies, and on contemporary cultural and social policy. Some of the main issues include interpretation and analysis of the history and significance of the information society, the potential of information itself, and the diffusion of its influence on political, economic and cultural relationships in contemporary society. New Media opens space for both cultural dialog and alternative methods of education and research. A social question, media culture, new technologies art, and the Open Source and Free Software principal are areas in which is engaged.