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Revitalizing Space : Unlocking Creativity    No Longer Empty (NLE) introduces high caliber contemporary art to a wider public by temporarily transforming vacant spaces throughout the purchase viagra professional city.As a curatorialy based organization we are committed to connecting with communities through art and to exploring and unleashing creative expression. Read more about the distinct public art model on www.nolongerempty.orgOur mission stands on three pillars: public art, community development and making a positive impact for all stakeholders involved.1. No Longer Empty unites the quality of the established art world, the timeliness and vitality of the alternative art scene, and the values of grass roots community development. An alternative to museums, galleries and conventional public art, No Longer Empty shifts the paradigm of how art is experienced, and ultimately, whom art is for.2. At the heart of the experience is community engagement and benefit. Each installation is focused on local participation, including operating the space, attracting new visitors to the neighborhood, and delivering educational programming for adults and buy clomid online forum families.3. No Longer Empt fosters career development at every stage of the project. For artists, No Longer Empt provides an exciting platform to gain valuable public and critical exposure. For those interested in the arts, the volunteer driven organization fosters active learning and development in all related disciplines ranging from curatorial to design and production, to promotion and operations.