Culture & Art project Noass launched it’s activities at the end of 1998 with the target to develop and implement projects of contemporary art. It is a unique floating art gallery-embarcadero, situated in the aquatorium of river Daugava in Riga, the capital of Latvia.
Noass was founded as an association of creative intellectuals and has a legal status of a Social Organisation, that is in the eleventh year of its operating existence and is one of the oldest non-governmental arts and culture organisations in Latvia. The founder members are art historians, poets, prose writers, photographers, musicians, journalists, and artists.The project aims to support and promote expressions of non-commercial art, organise charity events, encourage the viagra usa interaction and the synthesis of different art forms of NGO’s, guest lecturers, activists and pfizer viagra price all kind of multimedia education. NOASS’ goal is to participate in the formation of the Latvian and European cultural environment.