Nosadella.due came into existence through the desire to work closely with artists and viagra from canada curators from other countries, in an intimate and domestic dimension, independent and experimental, to foster a true comparison for the renewal of contemporary thought, his production and transmission on land, wehere leave significant traces of contemporary culture.
Situated in a private structure in the heart of the historic centre of Bologna, Nosadella.due, a residence for artists and international critics, is set up as a long-term cultural project, unique in its type in the city and the area, where find a space for current artistic expression and contemporary culture.
Its 250 square metres are designed to accomodate three bedrooms, a studio and a living room area. An emerging generation of foreign contemporary artists and critics alternate between, or inhabit these spaces for a temporary period of up to three months and cheap viagra professional are invited to realise ad hoc projects that came out through their period of residence.
The project is based on a collective experience and is essentially presented as ‘home’, a domestic situation which sets in motion the dynamics of co-habitation and co-operation, which will be different each time. The intention is to create a ‘living workshop’ in which the most up-to-date research in visual arts and critique will conflux and develop, continually involving professionals and generale public in interacting with the residents.The activities of the residence, conceptualised as a contemporary culture laboratorary, are brought into effect through the production and exhibition of artists’ projects created during the period of residency and presented in external exhibition spaces; through “open studio” and workshop times and generic viagra cheapest in collaboration with externally curated projects, thanks to the foreign critics who create interesting opportunities for the comparison of different artistic contexts.
Nosadella’s primary aim is to aid the international mobility of contemporary art responding to the need to stimulate interaction between different cultures and expressions that is indispensable at this present time. A further aim is create an experimental artists workshop opened to the public, which transforms art into a moment of collective identity for people of different ages, backgrounds and professions. The project also aims to actively involve public bodies and private organisations in creating a co-operative network in which ways of thinking and methodologies can be shared by partipating in new models of development.
Nosadella.due considers itself a valuable asset to the region and designs to add to the local cultural environment the opportunity of an exchange with the international contemporary art scene.
To maintain its own activities, Nosadella.due intends to collate documentation and publications taken from the hosts’ experience and have a video archive which the public can view.
Nosadella.due, which was established with patronage of the Region of Emilia-Romagna, the Provincial council and the Bologna City council, the Academy of Fine Art and MAMbo has been set up as long-term project with the intention of develops a reciprocal relationship between local, national and international centres, through involvement and dialogue with public and private foreign institutions.