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The “Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art” (ACCEA or “NPAK” in Armenian acronym) is a Non-Governmental Organization operating in Yerevan. ACCEA was initiated in the summer of 1992, and was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in Yerevan, Armenia and viagra pfizer uk New York, USA in 1994.  ACCEA started its activities at a centrally located rented space in 1996, which, later, on February 22, 2002, by a Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, was provided to ACCEA free of charge and for unlimited period. The physical facility was formally inaugurated on April 25, 1996, with a group exhibition of Armenian avant-garde artists, symbolically celebrating the cheap viagra no prescription resurrection of the Armenian nation. The Center for Contemporary Experimental Art has been created with following objectives: to encourage and facilitate uninhibited expression and creativity of Armenian contemporary and avant-garde artists; to support the process of search, discovery, and conquest of “new frontiers” in the arts; to facilitate creation and presentation of experimental art by Armenian artists, at home as well as at international fori; to counteract commercialization of art, and to replace market criteria by intellectual and emotional determinants; to create partnership between Diaspora Armenians and viagra without prescription the art com­munity in the Republic of Armenia in support and promotion of the Ar­menian arts and literature.