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Nuova Icona is a non-profit cultural association which devotes its energies and online order viagra resources to the patronage of different projects and experiences in the field of contemporary visual and performing arts, without preclusion of tendencies, presenting an open view on a worldwide panorama. It organizes exhibitions and events along with the publications for these various activities.
Nuova Icona’s purpose is to engage the town itself in artists’ projects and to consider its stunning art patrimony as a spiritual resource for new productions.  The Association is the catalyst; the active layer between the public and the artist.  A workshop where new projects can be realized; a platform which allows possibilities to become reality.
Since its foundation in 1993, the Nuova Icona Association has dedicated itself to the study and promotion of the work of young artists, taking care of their shows and catalogues. Giving room to artists, in a time doomed by economical crises and viagra in uk disinterest of public powers, allows artistic research to exist. We are particularly interested in developing new projects, often in collaboration with other bodies as for instance the national participation of Ireland and Turkey in the Venice Biennale, or in commissioning new work to artists.
A wide branch of our activities is based on touring shows, either curated by ourselves, or produced abroad and hosted in our permanent exhibition spaces, the Gallery of Nuova Icona and the Oratorio di San Ludovico, or in one of our itinerant projects, ‘museometropolitano’ or ‘by//pass’.
The activity on the hottest comtemporary is alternated with research and reflection on the work of Masters