Opera Rebis

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OPERA REBIS is a non-profit association founded in 2008 – based in Florence and canadian pharmacy zithromax over the counter Rome – from a group of art historians, artists and the directors of the school of contemporary jewelry Alchimia.The Association’s aim is to promote contemporary art projects in unconventional places by producing, organizing and supporting cultural events that mean re-appropriating – even for a short while – the many space “out of use” or left scattered around the prescription zithromax doxycycline cities, in Italy as well as abroad. The use of “alternative”, transient locations, unlike from official institutions and commercial galleries, is an attempt to get an opportunity from the economical crisis and renew the exhibition system that is often rigid and not very exciting.
The Association’s activity is directed mainly to the motivation and exploitation of young Italian artists, which will aim at providing opportunities for visibility and viagra sales growth through the careful work of an international networking. The work of Opera Rebis is based on the conviction that we should keep alive the creative potential of new generations for innovation, and our development. The program of the Association also promotes exchanges between local and international artists. The aim is also to provide assistance and mentoring to emerging artists, facilitating a critical dialogue.