Osservatorio Nomade

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Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade proposes experimental strategies for intervention founded on exploratory spatial practices, using playful, convivial, and interactive tactics that relate to an environment, its inhabitants and viagra pfizer uk their local culture.Such practices and methods are conceived to catalyze and develop evolutionary and self-organizing processes through the social and environmental fabric specifically in the areas where through abandonment or impoverishment basic necessities are lacking. The traces of these interventions constitute a sensible mapping on the complexity and dynamics of the territory, realized through the collective contribution of individuals from different backgrounds and disciplines, who together investigate, document and buy discount online viagra participate in transformations taking place on the ground.Stalker/On uses these strategies that employ direct unedited forms of cooperative documentation to contribute and promote among the local populations better self-awareness of their community and of their environment in order to enhance the quality of creative participatory feedback and improve and strengthen community methods for managing local territorial and urban problems.