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PACA_ Proyectos Artisticos Casa Antonino is a “no-budget” project who focus in contemporary art, environmental practices and generic viagra usa art education. The objectives of PACA_Proyectos Artisticos Casa Antonino are to promote the introduction of environmental and ecological attitudes in the arts; to conduct training, production, diffusion and education; to create collaborative networks of local, national and international institutions, universities, associations, foundations and cultural institutions; to enrich the local cultural structures by encouraging dialogue between artistic communities and other members of society. PACA creates, organizes, manages and produces cultural projects; conducts educational and didactic activities with social, democratic and discount viagra sales comprehensive objectives; carries out theoretical studies, technical investigations and field works on artistic and environmental themes; organizes curated site-specific exhibitions and art events; documents, diffuses and communicates cultural and social projects using publishing and digital tools. Currently PACA_Proyectos Artisticos Casa Antonino is run by Virginia Lopez, and aims to enlarge with partecipative collaborations.
 PACA_ Proyects on Facebook:!/PacaProyectosArtisticosCasaAntonino?fref=ts