PENSART is a group of professionals from the fields of contemporary creation, arts education and best viagra online social action, who actively engage in cultural mediation. PENSART operates like a cultural production agency that implements its own initiatives as well as projects commissioned by public and private institutions. The group is organised into teams that are created for each project, which are subdivided into different lines of action related with curating exhibitions and events, designing and implementing educational programs, and managing documentation, diffusion and communication for cultural and social projects through editorial and digital tools.
The objectives of PENSART are to help set up stable professional frameworks within the cultural industries; to promote the implementation of new technologies in culture, particularly in sectors relating to research, training, production, diffusion and distribution; to create collaborative networks of local, national and international universities, associations, foundations and viagra canadian cultural institutions; to enrich the cultural fabric by encouraging dialogue between artistic communities and the general public; to promote and spread democratic practices in cultural production that ensure universal access to arts-related resources and media and to encourage the cultural integration of educationally disadvantaged social groups.