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Public Art Lab (PAL) is an interdisciplinary platform for intercultural exchange projects – based in Berlin. It was founded by Susa Pop, artist and order viagra no prescription cultural manager together with the artist Hans J. Wiegner in 2001. After the Mobile Museums- a travelling artists’ museum, which was done in 2004, Public Art Lab is now realising the Mobile Studios, a nomadic multimedia platform.
PAL works in developing, examining and exchanging artistic and intercultural concepts related to urban structures together with architects, artists and art scientists. PAL aims to create spaces for debates that go beyond the limitation of scientific disciplines or practical concerns. Basically, we are still in the process of creating this platform. It shifts its look and appearance in every new project, according to the participants and the contributions being made. In fact we are curious to find out how and what Public Art Lab is going to be in the future – adherence to a plan was never part of our strategy.