< rotor > is an art association in Graz, Austria. The goals of < rotor > association can be defined as follows:
- cooperation with artists from Graz / Styria / Austria
- cooperation with artists from South Eastern Europe
- place of information and cialis professional discussion for the local scene
- setting up an archive of contemporary art from South Eastern Europe
- discussion of current developments in the buy viagra online without prescription art world
Since the mid-90s, the work of the artistic directors of this art association, Margarethe Makovec and Anton Lederer, has increasingly concentrated on the art scenes in South Eastern Europe, i.e. besides dealing with contemporary art from Austria, there has been an intensive focus on art from the so-called reforming states.From the ongoing commitment of < rotor > association results a dense network of links to artists, curators and institutions in South Eastern Europe. It is a network of young institutions which has been established, corresponding with < rotor >’s focus on the most current positions of art and the reflection of the enormous transformations taking place in this part of Europe.