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Interdisciplinary Urban Platform The “SYNTOPIC SALON” Project enhances and presents since 2009 inter,- and transdisciplinary work structures aiming an exchange between art and science within the Heart of Munich, Germany. The SYNTOPIC SALON projects are intervening close to Munich central train station area. This area is especially shaped through decades by the arriving people and visitors, therefore the usual coming and going of hotel guests but also mixed with the very bavarian traditional infrastructure; university clinics, book stores and turkish groceries form a unique sociocultural meltingpot within Munich. Therefore the special atmosphere around the SYNTOPIC SALON at Goethestreet 31 always randomly attracts visitors, locals and invited guests. The activities curated since 2008 by an Architect (Roland Essl),a Physician (Ildiko Meny) and an Art Scientist (Michaela Rotsch) reflect on this unique situation. THE LAB is a transparent cubicle, 3.3 x 2.5 x 2.5 meters wide, flexible and transportable by truck. The LAB should be both a showcase for experimentation and even part of the process. The Lab is open all year, day and night. The WING CHAIR refers to the open space which could be used by the public. It is an open invitation to sit down comfortably and let the spirit fly in the tradition of the historical SALON concept, which also brought together artists, debates and viewpoints. The experiment SYNTOPIC SALON has an open exit(the site may change). The upcoming and past activities of the SYNTOPIC SALON are accompanied by our blog: