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Born in 2008, T B S, initially a collective of artists, is a project acting on the boundaries of art and curatorship through networks of temporary collaborations.T B S founds its research on the idea of usefulness: producing pregnant contexts and regarding itself as a system living on urgencies. Its aim is to take a stand on everyday mechanisms and superstructures, with the individuation of meaningful approaches through which to understand art, culture and social relationships. T B S activity is centered on development, promotion and diffusion of human research in contemporary art and knowledge aiming at enhancing their social aspects and making them effective. To achieve this, T B S constitutes itself on the basis of the following reference points:#Ethical conduct #Diversity #Openness  #Democracy #Meritocracy #Environmental preservation #Equal opportunities #Fight discriminations.
T B S believes that these commitments, when shared, will increase,widen and deepen one’s own social and professional field, in order to benefit humankind.The desire of working out of a “global tradition” allows the creation of new and less conflictual forms, able to carry situations and urgencies in a direction which could generate effective systems for the survival of the individual in a relational environment, in a closer association with the concept of Human Being in progress. ***Every time the meaning of a discussion depends on the fundamental value of the word “useful”, that is to say, every time the essential issue regarding life of human societies is approached, whoever the participants and represented opinions are, it is possible to claim that the discussion is necessarily distorted and the fundamental issue dodged.G. Bataille, in “La Critique Sociale”, January 1933, n.7