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The Modern Institute was founded by Will Bradley, Toby Webster and Charles Esche in 1998. The Institute refers itself as a ‘research organisation and production company for contemporary art’, a remit that extends not just to organising exhibitions but also to the production and distribution of artists’ editions, books, records and videos. Housed in an old office building in central Glasgow, the organisation aims to enable local artists to produce, distribute and sell their work from within the city. In order to achieve maximum flexibility for itself and its artists, The Modern Institute has been divided into two companies, one commercial and the other a non-profit making company which hold charitable status. The first concentrates on in-house exhibitions, production and art fairs, at times donating profits to the charitable division which receives funding from the Scottish Arts Council and other state funding bodies on a project-by-project basis.An important part of the Institute’s activity are also its off-site projects in and around Glasgow.