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The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University is a pioneering, new initiative whose central objective is exposure to art and culture through the internet. It is a specialized website for contemporary visual art which provides academic and educational courses on contemporary visual art in general and Palestinian art in particular using latest developments in E-Learning and web technology.The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University is a specialized website for the visual arts and its work comprises the following areas:
1. Academic courses on Palestinian art, Arab and contemporary international art for university students using E-learning systems and distance learning.
2. On-line library of Palestinian art containing, articles, images and video works and archive of Birzeit University ethnographic and art collection.
3. Artist residency programs for artists to work with University students and the general public using the internet as a medium for creativity.
4. Community outreach programs focusing on exposure to local, Arab and international visual arts for different sectors of the Palestinian community, children, youth, and those in continuing education.
5. Forum for dialogue and debate on contemporary art issues through discussion room.
6. Profiles of artists and community projects related to the visual arts.
7. Previews of exhibitions, talks and seminars.
8. Virtual art tours and visits to artists’ studios.
9. Up to date Information on events art and cultural events in Palestine and abroad.
The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University was Launched in March 2005 to serve as a point of cultural exchange between Palestine and  international community. The launching of the Gallery was sponsored by Pal-Tel group that made a generous donation of $ 158,000 to support the Gallery for three years. This donation by Pal-Tel made a possible for this electronic website to provide academic and educational courses on contemporary visual art.