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Viafarini was founded in the early Nineties with the aim to support young artists in their careers and to awaken the public’s interest in contemporary art, combining exhibition and educational programs with documentation services about visual arts.
Viafarini’s mission focuses on three fundamental aspects:
- to facilitate the debut of of young Italian artists in the contemporary art world, as first step towards their professional growth and the consequent interest curators, art critics and museum professionals;
- to foster young artists’ mobility and to support them in raising funds, as conditions for the forwarding of their careers, also at international level;
- to widen the public interested in contemporary art through exhibitions, as well as educational and training activities.
In detail, Viafarini’s goals are:
- to create a place for information and services about contemporary visual arts, including an exhibition space to offer young artists opportunities to exhibit their works in solo or group shows, as well as to produce projects by internationally known artists, giving the Milanese public the chance to get to know the main actors of the international art scene; documentation services about visual arts, such as the Artists Archive, the specialized Library and the database ArtBox about study and job opportunities for young artists and professionals, in order to offer means of information and documentation for the public with easy access to the materials thanks to technology; an artists’ residence;
- to offer a variety of orientation and consulting services, as well as educational and training activities;
- to promote and organize contemporary art events outside of its premises;
- to promote an art organization and exhibition space favoring exchange in the field of visual arts, also at international level;
- to start an organizational model new to Italy, which collects funds for art projects like a mediator between the sponsor and the beneficiary;
- to support the artistic message as a potential innovator in contemporary society.