Founded in 1985 (the name composed of the words “Video” and “Montage”) is an interdisciplinary artists collective that focuses on the development of new media in Hong Kong . Starting out as a facilitator for collaborative projects, Videotage has evolved into an operation dedicated to the production, development and study of film, video and other alternative time-based media arts.
Since 1986, Videotage invites internationally renowned artists / curators to conduct talks, seminars and workshops in Hong Kong for the Microwave Festival every year and in the same year collaborated with “Pump Action” an Australian indipendent cultural practitioners to form the “Perth-Hong Kong Film and Video exchange Program”.
In addition to working with overseas artists and organisation, videotage is active both on the local and international art scene. Videotage also offers an alternative distribution channel and reference point for local video art by publishing “The best of Videotage”. In 1999, with the support of H.K. Arts Development Council, Videotage was chosen by the Provisional Urban Council to participate the artists-in-residence scheme at Sheung Wan Civic Centre and held three workshops and, in 2000, Videotage starts to conduct workshops in several Government Secondary Schools. Other programs include: international video showcase, artists-in-residence programs, exhibitions, seminars and conference.Videotage also published “VTEXT” a bilingual magazine that blend video with media/technological art and writings.”VTEXT” helps to fill a void -its main objectives are the organising, recording and promoting media art in Hong Kong. As a progressive journal, “VTEXT” employs different formats in each publication such as video cassettes and computer games. The magazine is distributed locally and abroad and its readers include secondary schools, universities, public libraries, overseas media art organisations. Through publications, educational programmes and collaborations with various cultural organisations, Videotage is a vital link in presenting art to a broader community. Videotage’ programmes are supported by gifts and donations from individuals, corporations and governments agencies, as well as from membership contributions.