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VisualContainer is a non-profit association, aiming to fill the gaps at long last of a qualified video-art and cheapest viagra new-media distributor in the current Italian Art outline.Our project originates thanks to the effort and commitment of the Art critic Giorgio Fedeli and the Video Artist Alessandra Arno’, both operating in the Milan area, with the aim to allow young emerging Italian Artists achieve visibility both in Italy and Abroad and to supply further promotion and diffusion of works by Italian or foreigner operators already active in the current Contemporary Art outline. At VisualContainer we address therefore to the Artists who use the video as mean of expression and invite to submit their works which once assessed and cheap viagra for sale if selected will be placed in an archive, supplied with critical essays and partly visible online.Upon direct request or thanks to our professional and accurate intervention, we at VisualContainer will use any endeavour to allow your video the most appropriate distribution both as single works to either public or private audiences be it for cultural, didactic, exhibition purposes and, of course, be it the case of personal ownership. Of course it is also possible to include them within compilations regarding a pre-arranged topic. VisualContainer likewise intend to put to good use the potential within the establishment of a cultural information and exchange network cultivating contacts with similar international foundations and institutions or Videoart and new media art archive centres acting as a Distributor.Furthermore arousing foreigner Art operators’ interest in the Italian Videoart production is part of our commitments.