West Space

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West Space is a non-profit artist-led organisation supporting the activities of artists within a critical context. West Space programming foregrounds engaged artistic practice which is challenging, experimental, exploratory, and diverse.
Founded in 1993, West Space is now Australia’s most prolific artist run organisation, continuing to build on its excellent record of providing a supportive and flexible avenue for the presentation and generation of contemporary art and its ensuing dialogue.
West Space has developed a unique identity amongst Australian arts organisations. This reputation has been forged through a sustained belief in the importance of artist-run initiatives to practitioners, audiences and the art industry. As an organisation that is run by artists it is fully engaged with the multiplicity of practices that artists embrace.
Importantly, West Space acts as a working model that gives artists direct control over the means and conditions of presenting their work to the public. While many artists exhibiting at West Space are young or emerging, there is also a significant number of established artists that actively choose to exhibit at Artist Run Spaces like West Space because of the dynamic communication and artistic freedom that they offer.