WOZLAB/CULTURE MERIDIANE is born with the idea of enhance the role of contemporary cultures in the Mediterranean area. His areas of interest are architecture, design, visual arts and viagra without prescription canada plastic arts, social policies, environmental and communication.For its cultural and artistic activities, WOZLAB is in contact with universities, schools, academies of art and cinema, centers and cultural associations, foundations and  art galleries. Among the major events organized, the Laboratory Woz – Political Independent Workshop of Collaborative Design, now in its sixth edition.
Woz is a laboratory (place where you work, often alongside other) political (because it compared with cities – from ‘polis’ – looking for ways to face the correct problems) independent (because does not depend on other, but depends on wozzers – those who do Woz – which choose the roads to be taken) design (to project, but also strategic action) collaborative (because it seeks solutions to the issues facing). WOZLAB is composed of a staff engaged in the design and production of events and workshops in all aspects related to its activities: communication, promotion, press office, records management, publications and online order prescription viagra audiovisual materials, external relations, exhibitions, logistics. These people use an extensive network of collaborators, the network built in six years of activity of the Laboratory Woz, about 200 people between architects, artists, musicians, professionals, artisans, thinkers, observers and critics.