The Association for Contemporary Art Zerynthia, founded in 1991, is a no-profit organisation. Zerynthia arranges, promotes and organises public performances of contemporary art in Italy and abroad with a view to widen the borders towards its operational social environment. Zerynthia comes up as a light and flexible structure able to know the score, and as such it offers a subsidiary model to the larger, but not so agile, museum structures. Zerynthia collaborates with similar structures of the contemporary art international community, designing new network procedures among analogue organisations.It is a long time that Zerynthia collaborates with public and private corporations. Together with some Italian Municipalities, interested in integration with contemporary art as a development and enrichment carrier, the association has elaborated projects of long standing.The numerous events Zerynthia organised and arranged have been the starting point of researches and long lasting interchanges among the artists and the involved organisations. Often the work has taken a experimental and interdisciplinary form, aiming to expand sectional and geographical borders, and to create a dialectic relation with each cultural and social framework of which the researches are targeted to. Zerynthia organises, in its own offices and in public structures, in Italy and abroad, meetings and seminars and carries out educational activities for young artists, students and cultural operators. Zerynthia edits catalogues and books beside realising editions with artists. Mario Pieroni is the General Secretary of the association and, together with Dora Stiefelmeier, the Art Director.